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We're passionate about our software approaches to cloud integration and migration solutions for Hybrid-cloud and cloud-native work.  We begin, as always with advisory services first.  Get the executive level goals and business requirements in place first.  We provide hands on classroom style workshops to gather details and perform gap analysis for the purpose to building the cloud strategies for transforming people, process and technology.  We provide valuable insights into what works correctly and what does not.  All based upon over 20,000 billable hours in cloud and IAC practice for clients with multiple datacenters and up to colossal sized environments with over 15,000 virtual workloads and hundreds of hypervisor hosts and over 30 vCenter management nodes.  

We were some of the first people to develop cloud offerings for large enterprise clients.  We offer multiple services, training courses and programs to help with any journey to cloud or Infrastructure-as-code.  We leverage your current investment and can provide real, measurable steps to migrating to a fully automated IT service model.

Metaflo LLC Statement of Capabilities

Metaflo is an authorized VMware services partner. 

Metaflo primary contact is Kurt DeWitt owner/principle consultant; Phone (951)271-2587

  • VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

    • VCF installation, configuration, and management

    • vRealize Suite installation, configuration, and management

  • Virtual Machine Server Deployment

    • vRealize Automaton (VRA) deployment blueprint development

    • Deployment automation scripting (Ansible, JavaScript, Power CLI, Python)

    • Custom Blueprint designs including form animation, interactive reporting, and ansible and terraform integration

    • Micro-segmentation solution; automatic network creation during deployments using NSX-T, Infoblox and vSphere REST

  • Post-Deployment Virtual Machine Server Provisioning Automation

    • Ansible script automation

    • vRealize Orchestrator workflows (JavaScript, Power CLI, Python)

  • vSphere health check automation

    • Scheduled automations to detect, modify, report vSphere health issues (Ansible, JavaScript, Power CLI, Python)

    • Health check and correct automations include 

  • vRealize Operations (VROPS)

    • vSphere infrastructure monitoring

    • Log Insight integration

    • Infrastructure Monitoring and Report generation

  • Horizon Virtual Desktop (VDI)

    • Installation and configuration

    • VDI upgrade migration

    • VDI optimization

  • vSphere (vCenter & ESXi)

    • Server patching

    • Nightly back-up automation for vRealize virtual appliances

    • vSphere Infrastructure health check automations to enforce VMware recommended best practices

    • Tagging automations

  • Virtual machine migration services

    • Automation scripting for virtual machine migrations.

  • VMware virtual networking (NSX-T)

    • NSX-V to NSX-T migration

    • NSX-T automation scripting, network health checking and reporting

    • Automated generation and management of micro-segmented networks

Here is a list of all the unique NAICS codes supported by Metaflo, covering a wide range of industries related to the sale and

provision of computer and cloud software, services, and related hardware.


NAICS code      Description

423420                         Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers

423430                         Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers

423690                         Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers

511210                         Software Publishers

532420                         Office Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing

532490                         Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing

541511                         Custom Computer Programming Services

541512                         Computer Systems Design Services

541513                         Computer Facilities Management Services

541519                         Other Computer Related Services

541611                         Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541613                         Marketing Consulting Services

541618                         Other Management Consulting Services

541690                         Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

541990                         All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

811212                         Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance

Blue Skies

Cloud Advisory

Establish a Cloud strategy matching your business and technical requirements; User your Cloud strategy to speed implementation and reduce risks


Cloud Design/Deploy

Create the detailed design for Cloud & IAC integrated into your environment.  Deploy hardware and software integration based upon best practices, tailored to your business needs. 


Application Transition

Models and profiles applications and adds them to the cloud services portal for self-service delivery


Operate Hybrid-Cloud

Models and profiles applications and adds them to the cloud services portal for self-service delivery

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