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'The right partner can be a competitive advantage'

Our clients think of metaflo as a strategic partner with deep experience in crafting unique and cost saving service delivery models that result in significant cost savings in terms of both capital expense as well as operational/FTE savings.  We work directly with executives to understand the high level goals for the company and provide expertise in leveraging existing investments in people, process and technology to migrate the enterprise over to new cloud and IAC IT service delivery models.  We assist with migrations to cloud, public as well as hybrid and IAC in order to provide measurable improvements in service delivery.  Throughout our own cloud and IAC journeys with over 100 clients and growing, we've discovered clear best practices which on average return between 18~24% reduction in IT services costs.  Costs, when properly managed, can be turned into budget opportunities to provide measurable initiatives that provide significant increases in revenue or market penetration to our clients.

For regional banking client in South America, Metaflo's services provided the ability for them to grow from #12 in their industry to #4 in just 3 years.

"The Metaflo team is our competitive advantage.  Their expertise was mission critical in streamlining our overall IT service delivery which ultimately freed us up and allowed us to put more focus on more key initiatives which allowed us to outperform our competition.  Hire them if they're available!"

Regional Banking COO & CFO, South America

Team Members
Large Federal Client

Metaflo provides full cloud advisory and delivery services using VMware's vRealize Automation Cloud platform offering.  The client has a colossal sized environment with over 280 ESXi hosts and over 30 vCenter servers.  The total sized environment includes over 14,000 virtual machines with a requirement to assist with rapid deployment of new cloud workloads and providing full lifecycle management for production, pre-production, QA and Test.  Our team also built out a complete lab to 

Office Meeting
Global Financial Service Provider

Metaflo's boutique team of expert cloud advisors provided full CxO cloud advisory services which included 6 weeks of intensive cloud advisory workshops and business gap analysis read-outs.  The result was a 3 year engagement with measurable milestones for each phase of the e design, deploy and operate stages of the project.  The PMO put in place managed each stage of the journey as we reduced operating costs by 24% which resulted in budget opportunity for the client to role out multiple fintech application initiatives.  The rapid deployment model for infrastructure services ultimately allowed the client to out-pace it's nearest competition and ultimate resulted in move the company from #12 in their market to #4 in just 3 years.

Office Conversation
Global Managed Services Provider

Metaflo provides the underlying design and delivery services for the full VMware vRealize Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) solution from VMware for one of this large managed services providers.  Our boutique swat team is cloaked behind this client and we are their key solutions provider for cloud and IAC delivered services.  We focus specifically on VMware's vRA 8 with migration services from any previous version and also for AWS, Azure and Google cloud services in public or hybrid form with vRA as the foundation tooling.  We are also heavily invested in Terraform and Ansible for this client in providing IAC solutions to reduce the overall DevOps and TechOps operations.  Currently we're tracking nearly 60% reduction in overall support costs for this client.

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